A day in life, 8b
Added by Jonas Wiklund
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Markus Lehtonen
Red point
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Henrik Johansson
Red point
Svårslagen känsla när man gör bästa leden på Sveriges bästa klippa på det sista presset den sista dagen med en fajt som bara lämnar höger skinka utan syra! 8a+?
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Lauri Vehkala
Red point
A dream come true, when i first tried the moves it felt impossible.
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Tobias Karlsson
Red point
Excellent route, very straightforward. First 2/3 of the route is pure crimpendurance, then you come to a good knee-bar where you can stay as long as your calves allow you to. Then some burlier moves and final pulling before you can clip the chain. Two days, worked the route twice and did it on my third lead-attempt, went down faster than expected given the non-ideal conditions. For me it felt maybe more like 8a+ considering the number of attempts, but I feel in great endurance-shape so I don't know.
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Tobias Karlsson
Red point
Min första 8b✌🏻 En livsdröm, vilken superfin led! Var nära att ramla efter det hårda facepartiet men fick som tur var tillbaka bra vid ”areten” innan knälåset. Väl i vilan fick jag tillbaka väldigt bra och resten gick lätt. Drömmen blev sann⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Olof Morsing
Red point
One of the best routes I have climbed. Did it on the 5th try of the day. Super desperate with huge chicken wings in the end.

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