We think that knowledge about crags and boulders should be documented and shared. Any crag or boulder that you can climb on is worth documenting.


We want to document all the best boulders and crags all over the world. We understand we cannot possibly accomplish this by ourselves so we're asking for your help. Our mission is to create the best software tools for documenting climbing areas, and to make them available on the web to the community of climbers. In this way we hope we can get a larger community effort started to get all the best crags and the boulders from different parts of the world documented in a shared knowledge base on our website.


Our vision for is to become known among climbers as a website where climbers of all kinds of different skill and experience levels can easily find the crags, routes and boulders which offer them the best climbing experiences in any given area. In this way we'd like to help climbers gain more enjoyable climbing experiences and successful climbing trips.